“Producing powerful testimonials with a major reach for BJF and all its partners.”


Founder of Vigics & BJF Team


About me

“Vigics stands for Visual Gymnastics and is a film production company with strong visual directors. Our directors differentiate themselves from others because of a few specific characteristics. Dwight Groot is one of these versatile directors with a great deal of empathy. Producing powerful commercials with a major reach is what he concentrates on. Dwight also has great ambitions where fiction and feature films are concerned.”


How I relate to the BJF

Dwight Groot: “For several years now, we’ve sponsored the BJF by producing many of the video testimonials of BJF partners who are based in the Benelux, for charitable rates. It gives us great pleasure to produce these testimonials and add value to the partnership between the companies and BJF. In 2016, we also sponsored the BJF by creating a video compilation of their first Diamond Trip to the Araguaia Corridor. We are very happy with the result, you too?’’