“We need to give back to help restore our impact.”


Co-owner Brand Oil & Amigo tank stations


About us

Brand Oil is an independent oil trading company and operator, based in the Netherlands. Founded in 1982 under the name of Brandsma Oliehandel, they started their activities supplying products to the agricultural sector. Over time, they have rearranged their focus, starting to work in the field of acquisition and the operation of gas stations. In 2004, the company was taken over by Cor Brandsma and Arjen Sietsma, who have been running the fast growing company ever since. Today, Brand Oil has 35 service stations and about 50 unmanned fuel stations in Amigo.


How we relate to the BJF

Cor Brandsma: “We realize that we are depleting mineral resources and we are keen to do business in alternative and clean energy sources in the future. As an ambitious company with a long and reliable track record in exploring new opportunities, we see a match with the ambitious BJF. We definitely need to give back to nature and Mother Earth and that’s why we are proud of being a Corporate Friend of the Black Jaguar Foundation.”