“Instead of telling you why we are inspired by the BJF, we’re gonna show you!”



About me

Tannis Zimmer is a successful massage therapist in Winnipeg, Canada and also a dancer, drummer and explorer. She has lived in Grand Cayman Islands and Calgary in Canada for several years, and has now returned to her place of birth. Tanis is a very talented dancer who has studied tap, jazz, African and hip hop dance in the past 20 years. She is also very much involved with NAfro Dance Studio, an African contemporary dance company in Winnipeg, Canada.

How I relate to the BJF

Tannis represents a fine example of how one’s talent can help to build a better world. In order to raise funds and become an official BJF Supporting Friend, Tannis has been organizing ‘Jaguar Jams’, a series of workshops followed by dance and music jams. With lots of vibrant energy, these events have been great fun for the participants and at the same time serve to raise awareness and funding for the mission and tasks of the BJF.