“We don’t own Planet Earth!

 (De aarde is niet van ons!)”

Mickey (10 yrs.)

Primary school student

About me

‘I believe our hearts should lead the way in life, with our minds as faithful servants, instead of the other way around. Then, our planet isn’t round…or flat…but alive. As Charles Eisenstein put it: “If you knew she could feel, you’d stop mistreating her.” Amongst the issues of each day, nature offers me re-connection to my heart and so much more. So I have gratefully co-authored No Risk, No Life (the origin of the BJF).’

How I relate to the BJF

‘I don’t have children myself. I am however, “auntie B” to two amazing girls: Mickey (10) and Juultje (7). Mickey said: “We don’t own Planet earth. Please take care of her instead. We need to act now, or else we’ll not survive. Take action for our climate, the animals and our environment!” Goosebumps….She is 10 years old….We’d never discussed this, nor the BJF. Her heart knows. So I’ve donated to the BJF – diamond of hope – on her behalf. May her words awaken others too.’