“One of the most CO2 absorbent human acts is to regrow our tropical trees. Let’s help our planet breathe.”


CEO Off the Fence  &  Chairperson of the Jackson Hole Wildlife Film Festival

About us

Ellen Windemuth is the founder and CEO of the company Off the Fence and the Chairperson of the Jackson Hole Wildlife Festival . Established in 1993 and with offices around the globe, Off the Fence is an award-winning integrated content company. Specialized in high quality non-fiction and independent films, its focus is on integrity, entertainment and customer service.Their high quality production department develops, finances, produces and co-produces international non-fiction programs. The company delivers a bespoke service to rights owners, from co-financing and localizing content to maximizing revenue and returns on investment.


How we relate to the BJF

“The BJF has invested a lot of time and brainpower in doing exactly what we strive for: creating something simple in a story that conveys an important message that everybody can and will understand. They have distilled the issue into things that matter very much to each member of the planet and to all of our futures. It’s down to food, oxygen, water and medicine. I could not be more impressed by what this organization is doing.”