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I About our campaigns in general
1.1 The first 600 campaign

1.1.1 You will be one of the first 600 to support the BJF with its tasks to help realize the longest nature corridor on earth and one of South America’s largest reforestation projects.

1.1.2 The photo wall on TheFirst600 is divided into 600 numbered pixels or windows. Clicking on a deforested window allows you to sponsor that specific window. Its color will then change from ‘deforested gray’ to ‘jungle green’, bringing us one step closer to realizing the Araguaia Biodiversity Corridor.

1.1.3 The individuals or companies who support the BJF through this campaign are referred to as ‘Participants’.

1.1.4 Participants can choose from the following 5 sponsor packages:
Supporting Friend : Euro 1.000,–
 Supporting Friend Gold: Euro 5.000,–
 Corporate Friend : Euro 5.000,–
 Corporate Friend Gold: Euro 10.000,–
 Diamond Friend: Euro 25.000,–

1.1.5 Each sponsor package is valid for a period of 1 year from the date of payment of your donation.

1.1.6 Each participant will receive:
* Benefit package as per your sponsor package;
* Title and Logo of BJF Friend (Supporting/Corporate/Diamond);
* Personalized profile page on this website.
* Jaguar sculpture (small, large or life-size head) according to the sponsor package.

1.1,7 The life-size (head) jaguar sculpture transport expenses are:
* Charged additionally to the Diamond Friend package.
* Calculated by BJF and sent in advance to the Diamond Friend.
* Based on the cost of transportation from Amsterdam, in The Netherlands to the remittee.

1.2 Donate a tree campaign

1.2.1 By selecting to donate a specified number of trees you will become a green member and support the BJF in its mission to restore over 1 billion native trees.

1.2.2 Members may choose any number of trees to donate on a one time basis or a recurring monthly or yearly basis.

1.2.3 Each member will receive:
* Personalized certificate of donation & BJF green member pack
* Map displaying reforestation site and coordinates of where the trees will be planted (once planted, within 24 months)
* Updates on the progress of your trees

II Procedure after making a donation
2.1 Upon receipt of your donation, the BJF will send you a confirmation of your payment and will start preparing your Friend Benefit Package. Within 30 days of your payment, BJF will send your benefit package to your home or company.

2.2. In order for the BJF to create your personalized profile page on the BJF website, kindly send an email to with the following information:

For Individuals or Groups
1. Your Name & Title
2. Quote – Max. 20 words
3. About me / us – Max. 80 words
4. How I / we relate – Max. 80 words
5. 1 x picture – landscape format – minimum size 600 x 350 pixels
6. Optional: a video testimonial of yourself or your group. Maximum 2 minutes

For Companies
1. Your company name
2. Name of company’s representative + Title
3. Quote – Max. 20 words
4. About your company – Max. 80 words
5. How your company relates – Max. 80 words
6. Logo of your company – in .eps
7. Picture – landscape format – minimum size 600 x 350 pixels
8. Optional: a video testimonial of your company. Maximum 2 minutes

2.3 Funds donated for a specified number of trees through the ‘donate your tree’ option will be planted within 24 months of the donation being made, due to restrictions arising from limited planting months in Brazil.

III Validity of the title ‘BJF Friend’
3.1 From the date of receipt of the donation fee as mentioned in article I.5, the Participant will receive the title ‘Friend of the BJF’ for a period of 1 year. This entitlement can be renewed after receipt of donation to match the value of the sponsor package for the period thereafter.

IV About the use of the BJF Friend logo
4.1 Participants receive a royalty free license for the use of the logo ‘BJF Friend’ during the agreed 1 year period. For this period of 1 year, the Participant is entitled to use this logo for promotional purposes in her/his communication, PR and or marketing.

4.2 No exclusivity on communication rights are given to BJF Friends. Exclusive communication and PR-rights start at Sponsor Partner level.

4.3 The Participant will communicate its partnership with the BJF with great care and in accordance with the BJF values. The Participant acknowledges that the logo and brand name of  ‘Black Jaguar Foundation’ (BJF) are high-end brand propositions and are marketed with great care.

V About your video message for your profile page
5.1 Your promotional video may include you and your own company, activities and logo. It is a unique chance to share your social responsibility with friends, employees and clients.

5.2 Diamond Friends are allowed to upload multiple video messages to their profile page during the 1 year of their membership.

5.3 The Participant grants the BJF the usage rights of its video testimonial to broadcast it on its website at as well as in BJF presentations and campaigns.

5.4 When the Participant produces their own video, they are solely responsible for its content. When the BJF produces the video testimonial, then the BJF is responsible for its content and will own the media usage rights.

VI About the prizes one can win in this campaign
6.1 Only individuals and groups can win additional prizes. Companies are excluded. In paragraph VI, Participants are referred to as Individuals and Groups.

6.2 Participants who produce a video message that is inspiring, creative and engages other to get involved as well, will have a chance to win a 5 day/4 night fully paid trip to the Corridor Zone in the Brazilian Amazon.

6.3 The video testimonial should be conceived and produced by the Participants  themselves in order to be eligible for the prizes and should serve public interest. After all, the effect of the promotion campaign is to generate awareness and to raise funds to benefit the projects of the BJF.

6.4 An independent marketing and advertising jury will decide on the two winners. Prize winners will be announced by email and be made public on the BJF website, 1 week after all of the 600 windows are ‘sold’ and made ‘green’.

6.5 TheFirst600 campaign is subject to the Dutch Code of Conduct for Promotional Games of Chance. The BJF acts in accordance with this Code.

6.6 Team members of the BJF are not eligible to win the prize.

6.7 Participants under the age of 16 must obtain the consent of a parent or legal guardian to enter the contest.

VII About the payment of your donation
7.1 The Payment Service Provider (PSP) handling the payments of donations to the BJF through this website is Mollie. They process payments for more than 5000 clients. Your donation will go to a third party account and hereafter will automatically be transferred to the BJF. For more information on Mollie, go to The BJF does not pay any fixed fee to Mollie.

7.2 Costs to Mollie Payment Provider per transaction in Euros for each method of donation:

Ideal:   29 cents
PayPal: 10 cents  + PayPal costs
MasterCard,Visa Card:   25 cents + 1,8% (European Cards)
MasterCard,Visa Card:   25 cents + 2,8% (Non-European and Business Cards)
Bank transfer:   25 cents

7.3 Description on your bank statement or credit card
Mollie inzake Stichting Black Jaguar Foundation

7.4 Cancellation of your donation
The policy of Stichting Black Jaguar Foundation is that you can cancel your
donation within 5 days of making your payment, by sending an email to requesting cancellation of your donation. You will receive a full refund within 30 days.

VIII Miscellaneous
8.1 The BJF reserves the right at all times, without prior notice, to exclude any Participant from participation if it believes that this Participant is abusing the campaign, is not acting in accordance with these terms and conditions, is involved in fraudulent activities and/or attempts to influence this campaign unlawfully.

8.2 The BJF is not liable for any damages resulting from this campaign or from the prizes awarded to the Participants.

8.3 The stipulations under paragraph 7.2 apply without prejudice to third party suppliers, BJF suppliers and/or manufacturers of the product/prize.

8.4 Any taxes or levies that apply to the awarding of the prizes will be satisfied in full by the BJF.

8.5 The personal data that will be gathered by the BJF in the course of this campaign and any ensuing processes will only be used in order to send out BJF updates and will not be disclosed to third parties.

8.6 Questions and complaints regarding this campaign may be sent by email to