“It’s a huge undertaking and we can’t do it without your help.”


Voice Experience Artist & BJF Team

About me

Kurt Kelly, known as ‘The Voice Of Experience’, has been passionately involved in all aspects of multimedia, broadcast, film, entertainment, technology and Intellectual Property. In 1992, Kelly was nominated and awarded a lifetime membership to the Who’s Who Worldwide Executive Club of World Leaders Platinum Edition. 

How I relate to the BJF

Kurt donated his ‘voice experience’ to all the BJF trailers and actively advocates for the BJF in his grand circle of friends in Hollywood and beyond. “I will work with the Black Jaguar Foundation in the years to come to keep on supporting the cause of realizing the longest green corridor on earth. We all must help realize this green massive corridor in Brazil. It will not only benefit Brazil, but also my home town Los Angeles for all the years to come.”