“I fully support this initiative and I hope you will get involved too.”


BJF Team – Sponsoring

About me


As a renowned sponsor marketing lecturer and author of the book  ‘Sponsoring, theory & practice’, Jan-Willem brings enormously valuable experience to the BJF sponsor team. For the film ‘People of the Forest’ by the late legendary producer Hugo van Lawick, it was Lokerman who was the key to successfully make the sponsor agreements.

How I relate to the BJF


Since the very start of the BJF, Jan-Willem has been instrumental with his knowhow and network to connect the foundation with ambassadors and sponsor partners. Jan-Willem turned potential partners into lasting relationships, positively impacting the building of a solid foundation to this day. Most recently, he has connected a positive return on investment for investors in Single Malt Scotch whiskey with contributions to the BJF. Thank you, Jan-Willem, for donating your expertise, energy and dedication.