“Nature is a place to rest fully in stillness, enhancing growth of our natural leadership, to unleash the potential of our professional and private life.”


Business Leader & Yin Yoga Teacher

About me

Ingrid Valks has over twenty years of experience in general management and governance in the hospitality industry. She is a specialist in effectively executing innovative strategic ambitions and has extensive knowledge of working with international audiences on projects all over the world.  Connecting people, brands and organizations to help grow the value of your company and add value to your clients and society, is what she can offer you. Ingrid is also a facilitator for leadership journeys and teaches yin yoga.

How I relate to the BJF

Ingrid has seen the foundation grow from a single man’s vision and dream to an international web of ambassadors. She shares her insights in the boardroom of the BJF. “I believe nature is invaluable for saving our planet and I would like to stress humans need nature as a place to rest fully in stillness. Here we can reconnect with our inner voice and our heart to grow our natural leadership. From my own experiences I can tell leaving your urban life and taking time off in nature does unleash the potential of your personal, professional and private life.”