“What Jaguar driver could not resist this temptation?”


About me

“I am a businessman and guardian of the space for wild nature. It’s not acceptable that man claims all the space and the wild nature. I have a fascination for the jaguar, so I always drive Jaguar. I wish I had such a beast alive in my garden. Better not. I think you guys will sell the 600 sculptures in no time. What Jaguar driver could not resist the temptation? In any case: thank you very much and success with TheFirst600 campaign.”

How I relate to the BJF

“The initiative to build, through the cleared Brazilian rainforest, a corridor of 2600 km long and 40 km wide by means of ‘conquering’ it back from the landowners and giving it back to the wild nature, symbolized by the almost extinct Black Jaguar (only 600 left in the wild), I believe that is a challenge that borders on a holy mission. That’s why, after I first became a BJF Supporting Friend in 2014, I proudly renewed my membership in January 2017. The enthusiasm of the BJF Team guarantees the success of this mission. I hope you also join in and become a donor, for the breath of all life on Earth. Meanwhile, I have this wonderful jaguar sculpture here before me. I am too happy with it!’’