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Meet Cesar Gonzaga and his team

Fazenda Serra Morena is a proud partner of the Black Jaguar Foundation. Owner Cesar Gonzaga approached the BJF Team to ask for our help with ecological restoration on his farm, to be in compliance with the Brazilian Forest Code.

About the farm

Located in the south of Pará state, Fazenda Serra Morena is located close to the Araguaia River in the municipality of Santana do Araguaia.

The main activity is agriculture, with 1,000 productive hectares, of the 4,000 farmable hectares in total.

The director of the farm, Cesar Gonzaga has lived in Santana do Araguaia for almost 30 years. He sees the importance of preservation, producing food for our children and the world, but also to leave part of his farm preserved for nature and the future of the area.

He is passionate to show the world that farmers aren’t only destructors of the environment, but that they are and can be part of the solution.

Where we are planting now…

We have started the ecological restoration in Fazenda Serra Morena in the 2022/2023 planting season.

Take a look at the location of these trees…

Coordinates : -9.538875° , -50.448721°
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