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Meet Carlos Felix

Carlos Felix aims to show that we can align food production with the preservation of our ecosystems! After all, food production relies on having a healthy environment.

About the partnership

Carlos Felix and his wife Regina are the owners of the Belavista farm, located along the Araguaia River, in Caseara – Tocantins. The farm has a total of 1500 hectares currently being used for agricultural purposes.

When our team visited the Belavista farm in 2021 for the first time, we knew that this would be a perfect match. At the Black Jaguar Foundation, we believe that connecting with where our food comes from is the first step in transforming food systems.

In the vídeo testimonial above, Carlos Félix talks about his experiences with the Black Jaguar Foundation and invites all rural landowners in the region to become a part of our Project!

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Bianca Nijhof

Netherlands Water Partnership (NWP)

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Managing Director at the Netherlands Water Partnership (NWP). Previously, she was the Global Sustainability Program Manager for Arcadis and led the Natural Capital business solutions work. She is a member of the Foundation Board at Workplace Pride, sits in the Advisory Panel to the Natural Capital Coalition, the Technical Committee of the Social & Human Capital Protocol, the board of the Amsterdam International Water Week, the Steering Committee of the Indo-Dutch CSR & Sustainability Forum and the Sustainability Commission NKBV (Dutch Mountaineering Association).

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