“The birth of our children gave my life an extra dimension. It made me very much aware of the necessity to leave something sustainable behind for the generations to come.”


Real Estate Entrepreneur

About me

Simon Raedts is the director of one of the fastest growing property funds in the Netherlands. He created a unique business model in which the shares of both the property fund and the investors are equally divided. Simon is also an informal investor and invests in young startups. He always sets long term goals that are truly sustainable. Simon is a proud corporate friend of the Black Jaguar Foundation.  

How I relate to the BJF

As a real estate entrepreneur and informal investor, Simon Raedts is very much involved in the urban development of the Netherlands. The birth of his children made him even more aware to contribute to a sustainable future of our planet. That’s why the Raedts Family supports the BJF to help realize one of the greatest reforestation projects on earth.