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2 years old Lenn Jonkers is our youngest ever sponsor

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What an example Lenn Keyhan Yonkers and his parents are setting! Lenn is a two year old boy who lives in the Netherlands. For his second birthday, Instead of receiving luxury toys,  his parents and loved ones collected money so that trees can be planted in his honor along the Araguaia Biodiversity Corridor. 

The BJF has provided a certificate to Lenn, pinpointing exactly where his trees will be planted. He will also receive update every 6 months about how his trees doing. When he turns 15 his parents intend to take him to the site of his then fully developed patch of forest!  Lenn and his parents are truly setting a great example. Their donation shows how young children can already have a positive impact on the environment!

French Consulate in Brazil chooses BJF

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The BJF is positively engaging with the French community in Brazil! 

To celebrate the 14th of July French National Party, an event was organised by the French Consulate in São Paulo. The event was sponsored by 43 French companies and the BJF was one of two charities chosen to be promoted! Media agency Hud made an impactful video trailer for the event which included BJF and was presented to more than 700 people, including São Paulo Mayor, Bruno Covas. We are honored to be the charity of choice on such a prestigious day with one clear goal: planting 1 million native trees together with the incredible French community.

Your planted native trees are already in fruition

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When we plant seedlings in our restoration site, we separate between fast-growing and diverse species. The role of fast-growing species is to build up the new forest structure and provide the ideal conditions for the more diverse species to then thrive.

The fast-growing species do not only grow fast but they also have a faster life cycle, this is why some of the seedlings we have planted in December have already come into fruition! So far this season Mutambo (Guazuma ulmifolia) and the Urucum (Bixa orellana) have been the stars of the show. This fruition is a crucial stage in the restoration process as once these trees attract fauna, these animals will not only feed in the restoration site, but they will also bring seeds of different species, making the new forest richer and healthier.

The Mutambo (Guazuma ulmifolia) tree

BJF Team Brazil- painting their faces with fruit from our very own trees!

BJF seedling nurseries are at full capacity! 

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Now that dry season has begun again in Brazil, our forest engineers are collecting and filling the nurseries with new seedlings, ready to plant when the rain comes again in November. In just the last few months we have filled the nurseries with 20,000 native tree seedlings. Another 20,000 are also on track to be prepared in the next 5 months. Our nursery is producing at full capacity. We have a total of 42 native species, of which 12 are fast growing, responsible for the initial structuring of the forest. The others will make up the biodiversity of the future ecosystem.

Each month, our technicians learn new facts about the species in the region. With the knowledge acquired, new species can be added to the production portfolio, increasing the biodiversity of our restoration sites.

BJF Brazilian Landowner Brochure: Now ready!

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The BJF is excited to start engaging more landowners with our project in the state of Pará and Tocantins. Our new Landowner Brochure is now available online and in print in both Portuguese and English. It outlines how landowners can become BJF partners and comply with the forest code and improve the quality of their land through the forest restoration services we provide. This brochure is a great tool for us to continue building the community of landowners along the corridor; only through positive cooperation with each landowner can we complete our mission, creating a Win for his farm and a Win for our planet.


2 year technical partnership with Bioflora: Renewed!

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Bioflora is the leading consulting firm for ecological restoration in Brazil. Together with the Laboratory of Ecology and Forest Restoration (LERF) of the University of São Paulo, they have been an invaluable technical partner for the BJF for the past two years, carrying out field visits on our sites and providing us with a wealth of expert knowledge about ecological restoration. We are immensely proud to announce that our partnership has now been extended for the coming two years. Top Bioflora and LERF scientists will continue to visit our sites every three months and work closely with our forest engineers. 

The partnership will allow us to evaluate seedling production in our nurseries in order to include new species in our production portfolio, increase productivity and improve seedling quality. Scientists will also visit and monitor our restoration areas so techniques and processes can be perfected.

This knowledge will increase our success rates in ecological restoration and will be applied to thousands of other rural properties.


Meet Marina: Our new Partnerships Coordinator 

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Our new team member, Marina Tavares, is ready to keep building a bright future for the Black Jaguar Foundation! Marina is a “Goiana” who spent a great part of her childhood exploring the Araguaia River with her family. She has a very special connection with the area and so she is very dedicated to restoring it. After graduating at FGV Business School and working for years for the private sector, predominantly in marketing for large companies (such as Nestlé), she decided it was time to start giving back to the world. During her career shift, she had the opportunity to do a post-graduate course in Social Innovation Management at Amani Institute. This led her to start her own project, Dig In The Garden, which focuses on engaging teenagers with agroforestry and gardening. 

Marina is taking over from Francisco Macedo, who has been accepted to the MSc in Sustainable Forest and Nature Management. This is offered by the European Union with a full scholarship covering his entire tuition and living cost. It is a double degree program in which he will study one year at the University of Copenhagen and another year at the University of Padova, taking a summer course in a partner university and completing his thesis research in either Canada, Chile, South Africa or Australia. Francisco says he is  very grateful about this opportunity as he is convinced that the MSc will provide him with the right knowledge to better support the Black Jaguar Foundation on its mission to realise the Araguaia Biodiversity Corridor.

Innovation and Human relations are the main skills Marina will use to foster amazing partnerships for BJF in Brazil. We are very happy to have such an experienced new team member on board!

New BJF São Paulo Office opens for business

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The BJF has a new home! Our small but beautiful new jungle office, located in the heart of São Paulo, is now open for business. The office serves as an ideal space for our expanding Brazilian team to work together, host meetings and make our mission a reality. A big thank you to owner Mrs. Adriana Caccuri, who sponsors the BJF through great discounted rent and lots of benefits for this office space!

An impressive 90% survival rate

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Image 1: Planting in the field, December 2018

The thousands of seedlings that were planted by BJF’s team back in December have passed all expectations. Whereas 70% is the standard survival rate for reforestation projects, 90% of our seedlings have survived. This is because of fortunate rainfall ánd great maintenance work by the team at Fazenda Santa Fé!


Image 2: Our Project Coordinator next to one of the growing pioneer trees, April 2019

Arbóreo – Estudos e Consultoria Ambiental

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We are very proud to announce a new technical partner has recently joined our mission. Arbóreo – Estudos e Consultoria Ambiental, a highly qualified and vibrant environmental consulting company from São Paulo, has offered to contribute to the creation of the Araguaia Biodiversity Corridor. Arbóreo specialize in studies, licensing and environmental services. Their very qualified team will help our forest engineers with mapping and the development of new ecological restoration techniques.

However, Arbóreo also want more. Their associates want to leave a legacy on the world by sponsoring their own restoration site in the Araguaia region.  Here, new direct seeding restoration techniques can be developed and improved. The scientific knowledge generated in these experiments may help with the restoration of other parts of the Cerrado and the Amazon.

Due to the vastness of the Araguaia Corridor, each of our partners has a special role to play in its creation. Arbóreo works on the premise that other technical restoration partners should not be viewed as competition. Instead they are opportunities for collaboration and complementation. This new partnership will especially complement the pacts we have in place with our current restoration partners.The BJF are honored to have Arbóreo participating in this journey.

You can find out more about Arbóreo – Estudos e Consultoria Ambiental here.